Women's History Month

We are celebrating Women's History Month on PebbleGo!

Your K-3 students love learning all they can about historic figures, and Women's History Month is a wonderful time to introduce them to amazing women throughout history. But, it can be hard for students to relate to them when they're looking at a lifetime's worth of accomplishments that happened years ago. We created an engaging quiz and activities so students could learn about women who did amazing things—and shared similar interests to the students themselves!

  1. Access all the articles on women within the PebbleGo Biographies module.
  2. Don't subscribe to PebbleGo Biographies? We have you covered!
    • Sign up for free access to select articles within the PebbleGo Biographies and Biografías modules the entire month of March..
  3. Incorporate Women's History Month into your curriculum.
    • We've developed a fun quiz for your students to take to help them identify with a variety of historical women.
    • We've created lesson plans and downloadables to make it easy.
  4. Share what you're learning:
    • Get the whole school community excited with downloadable posters and social media images. Tag us on Twitter @capstonepub and use hashtag #womenshistorymonth.

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