Melanie Curl

January 7, 2019
Librarian, Bean Elementary (Lubbock, TX)

How I Use PebbleGo

Our campus is a dual-language school in which pre-K­–5 have two classes that teach in both English and Spanish. The teachers use PebbleGo to bridge the gap between these two languages by using the read aloud feature and using the PebbleGo Animales database. Even non-dual-language teachers use this feature when working with ELL/ESL students in their classrooms.


Why PebbleGo Works

I think PebbleGo increases student enthusiasm for reading and research with its design and simplicity. It allows students to search and discover new things without feeling frustrated or hopeless when learning new information. Students find the read aloud feature the most appealing. It allows them to learn new things without so much emphasis on reading non-fictional/informational text. I believe that if you can make learning fun, interesting, and appealing to students, their own interests will motivate them to learn.