Heather Bothe

December 6, 2019
Library/Media Specialist, Frostwood Elementary School (Houston, TX)

Why do your students love PebbleGo?

My students have discovered a love of research this year. I taught them all about our databases and they love the ease of PebbleGo, the pictures in PebbleGo, and the information that they have discovered. Many of them have gone above and beyond after we have finished our class research and researched a passion topic. Then they will send me a link to their google slide doc sharing what they put together.

Why do your teachers love PebbleGo?

My first, second and third grade teachers love that it's one stop shopping, and it's appropriate for their students without having to worry about trouble ads or the students running into inappropriate content.

What do you love about PebbleGo?

I love the vibrant photos and depth of information that is still appropriate for my readers and the ease of use. It makes me look like a superstar when I introduce research, which can be a pretty boring topic, but with PebbleGo I can get them excited about research and make it fun.

It makes me look like a superstar when I introduce research...

It is something that was presented as being for our k-2nd grade students, but I have reminded my older students that it's still there for them too. It's easy to use and I have shown the students that research can be fun!