PebbleGo & Remote Learning Days

Remote learning. Distance learning. eLearning. Whatever your district calls it, current events are reminding schools across the country that it is prudent to have a readiness plan in case of school closures due to weather or other events.  As a PebbleGo subscriber, you have a great resource for these plans.

Be sure to check out and share these resources with teachers and parents to help your students take full advantage of all PebbleGo can do to sustain learning during remote learning.

Your PebbleGo site license automatically includes:

Unlimited access for every student in the school—from anywhere they have an internet connection


Easy sign in. With a shared sign in across your school site, it’s easy to communicate with families how to sign in


Content geared to the specific needs of the K-3 learner---it can be hard to find remote learning resources suitable for this group

Each PebbleGo article has at least one activity built in

Optional upgrades include:

Providing PebbleGo content in Spanish with PebbleGo Spanish

Extending the benefits of PebbleGo to grades 3-5 content with PebbleGo Next

Appending of ebooks to each article in PebbleGo Animals and PebbleGo Science with a Read More subscription