PebbleGo Next Indigenous Peoples History

PebbleGo Next Indigenous Peoples’ History. A digital collection of over 50 articles for 3rd-5th grade learners.   

Indigenous Peoples’ History by PebbleGo Next ensures your educators have the essential resources needed to deliver thoughtful, accurate and engaging lessons on this important topic. 


Special Features Include: 

  • Natural voice audio from Indigenous voice actors  

  • Thoughtful representation of Indigenous nations today, including cultural practices, government, and federally recognized status. 

  • Extended learning resources including Terminology section, Games, Question of the Day  and Critical Thinking Questions  

  • Each article includes critical thinking questions, a timeline, video, citation tool, and guide to important terminology. 

  • Articles closely aligned to state and national standards. 

  • Content promotes a deep understanding of the history, worldviews, and origin stories of individual nations, alongside contemporary facts about Indigenous nations. 

  • A balanced depiction of historical and modern Indigenous peoples throughout featured images. 


See the Content Map for a full list of available articles. 

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