PebbleGo Next

What is PebbleGo Next?

PebbleGo Next is a supplement to your existing PebbleGo subscription that provides 3rd-5th grade students with content designed for their specific needs:

  • Biographies
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • State Studies & American Indian History


How PebbleGo Next helps:

  • Engages upper elementary students with subject matter created for and correlated to state & national curriculum standards 
  • Increases understanding, regardless of reading ability with scaffolding supports:
    • Authentic read-aloud audio
    • Academic vocabulary words with definitions
    • Images, video, and audio in each article
  • Enhances instruction with critical thinking questions to encourage reflection and connection
  • Fosters independence in learners with simple, consistent navigation
PebbleGo Next on iPad held by Girl