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We know keeping your kids learning isn't the only thing on your mind right now, so coming up with activities each day might be a bit overwhelming. That's why we want to give you a fun idea for each day of the week that will keep your kids interacting with a variety of topics in PebbleGo. Each day you will receive a new question that can be answered within PebbleGo to inspire curiosity in your kids.

Week 10


Question:  Is a new bike a want or a need?



Question: Which author is famous for The Cat in the Hat?



Question: Animals that eat only plants are called what?



Question: What is an animal that migrates?


Question: Which 3D shape is round?

What is PebbleGo?

PebbleGo is a safe and fun digital research tool specifically designed for your K-3 student. Packed with informational articles, ready-made activities, engaging multimedia, and literacy supports for children of all abilities, it boosts literacy and fosters independent learning in core subject areas. Your child will love exploring PebbleGo time and time again!

Additional Questions & Adventures

Week 1


Question: What type of doctor takes care of animals?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Animals to learn about veterinarians here.

Today’s PebbleGo Adventure is to write about your dream pet and how you would take care of it.  You can write, draw a picture or even make up a song!  

And everyone loves to pretend to take care of animals.  You could find a few stuffed animals and set up your own vet office too.


Question: Who was the first female Supreme Court justice?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Biographies to learn about Supreme Court Justices here and find the answer. 

Today’s PebbleGo Adventure is to take the Discover Great Women from History Quiz here. Have your family members take it too and talk about your Great Women.  

Now, make a call or do a video conference with a great woman that you know.  Share why you think they are great!


Question: What are broken pieces of asteroids called?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Science to learn about asteroids here

Today’s PebbleGo Adventure is to go on a Rock Walk outside, safely around your own yard and neighborhood. 

Can you find any that look like an asteroid?  What looks similar and different?  

Have fun going on a Rock Walk with your family, friends.


Question: Which dinosaur had three horns on its face?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Dinosaurs here and find the answer. 

Today’s PebbleGo Adventure is to research your favorite dinosaur and create a 3D model using straws and some type of materials to hold them together such as marshmallows, clay or playdough.  You can make a smaller model using toothpicks too. 

Take a picture and share your dinosaur model with a friend.


Question: Which scientist’s name means “Brave Hero”?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo and research Chien-Shiung Wu, whose name means “Brave Hero”. 

What did you learn about her? 

Today’s PebbleGo Adventure is to pretend to be a scientist and create an invention.  It can be anything you dream up...the sky's the limit with your invention. 

When you have finished, share it in your paper or PebbleGo Buncee journal.  

You can also share what you learned throughout the week with the PebbleGo Adventures! 

Week 2


Question: What type of map shows Earth’s physical features?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Social Studies to read about maps.

Today’s PebbleGo Adventure is make a map of your yard or neighborhood. Think about what you learned about physical maps in PebbleGo and include some of those features too. You can use paper, clay, felt, tissue paper, cookie dough or even draw it in the sand outside with your finger. Have fun, friends! 


Question: Which environmentalist is named after a crocodile?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Biographies here to learn the environmentalist named after a crocodile. 

Today’s PebbleGo Adventure is to think about how you are inspiring to others. What makes you unique?  What can you teach someone? Now, add to your PebbleGo Research Journal (directions are below) and write about what makes you inspiring to others. Don’t forget a picture of yourself too. Share your story.


Question: How many seasons are there?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Science to learn about seasons here. 

Today’s PebbleGo Adventure is to go on a nature walk around your yard or neighborhood to investigate the season it is now. Gather up some evidence of the season and bring it back home to create a collage on a piece of paper.  You could also create your season virtually within Buncee. There are lots of stickers and animations focused around seasons and being outside.


Question: Where on Earth are rain forest animals found?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Animals here and find the answer. 

Today’s PebbleGo Adventure is to play rain forest animal charades. Once you have researched the different rain forest animals in PebbleGo and under the Read More tab, play rain forest animal charades by acting out the different animals and having someone in your family guess which animal you are. Take turns and give other types of animals a try too.


Question: Where is the game Yut often played?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Social Studies and learn about games around the world here

It’s Friday and time to play some of your favorite games as a family. If you want to try some different games from around the world, have your parents take a look at this article to read how to play a few. You could even make up a new game...that is always fun. Happy Friday and have a healthy weekend.

Week 3


Question: Which holiday honors people who are serving or who have served in the U.S. military?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Social Studies to read about Veterans Day.

Today’s PebbleGo Adventure is to pick your favorite holiday and do a little research in PebbleGo Holidays here. How can you celebrate this holiday right now?  Could you do something fun with your family today to make it feel like it was that holiday? When you do, make sure you share with your family the background around the holiday and what makes it special to you.


Question: Who created the musical Hamilton?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Biographies here to learn the Founding Father this musical was named after.

Today’s PebbleGo Adventure is to think about what you would do if you were a government leader. What would you change about the country? What would you change about the world? In your paper or PebbleGo Research Buncee Journal, create a picture and write about you as a government leader. And maybe you are leader of something else. What would it be? 


Question: What type of art often uses wood, metal, or stone plates?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Science to learn about printmaking here.

Today’s PebbleGo Adventure is to find things around you and in your home to make prints from. Prints making can be done with all kinds of materials including paper, styrofoam and even different food like potatoes and carrots. What can you make a print from? What makes the print look different? Water, food coloring, paint? Can you make one on paper and share it with someone?


Question: Which insect camouflages itself by looking like a twig?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Animals and then to Insects here

Today’s PebbleGo Adventure is to go on an insect scavenger hunt to see how many you can find around your yard or neighborhood. Bring a piece of paper or a device with a camera with you for insect scavenger hunt. Draw or take pictures of what you see. When you are done, look up on PebbleGo Animals what you saw.  Did you see and learn anything new? What was most unique? 


Question: What are dark storm clouds called?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Science and learn about all of the different types of clouds

Today, you will go out into your yard or a grassy area close by your home to lay in the grass...or a blanket. What do you see in the sky?  Are there any clouds today? What kind do you think they are? Do you see anything in the clouds? Use your imagination and see what is there.  Or go back home and create an imaginative picture of what you see in the clouds. Have fun and be creative, friends.

Week 4


Question: Which is the largest continent?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Social Studies to read about all of the Continents. Which one is the largest? If you need a hint, go here.

Today’s PebbleGo Adventure is to look at the pictures of continents and see if you can create them with playdough. There is a simple recipe here. You can add rivers, mountains, lakes and other landforms to your playdough continent.


Question: Which business leader is famous for his cookies?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Biographies  to Business Leaders here to learn who is famous for his cookies. There is a hint in this article.

Today’s PebbleGo Adventure is make your favorite cookies with some help from a family member. If you would like to try a new recipe, look at one of the cookbooks in You can write the recipe down to keep and bake again.


Question: What is the world’s highest mountain range?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Science to learn about mountains here. Have you seen the mountains? Where did you see them?  

Now, let’s pretend you are in the mountains. Listen to the Cantata Learning song I Love The Mountains and pretend you are hiking up and down. You can even go outside and pretend to go up and down the mountains with your child too.


Question: What is an animal without any bones called?

Adventure: It is called an Invertebrate! You can read all about this type of animal here in PebbleGo Animals. And check out this link to see all of the invertebrates! Do you like invertebrates? Have you ever felt one crawl on your finger or leg?  

Today’s PebbleGo Adventure is to go outside and see if you can see any insects, spiders, earthworms or other invertebrates. Remember to wash your hands when you are done exploring.


Question: What is another name for a puffer fish?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Science and read all about puffer fish here. What are other names for puffer fish?  How big do they puff up? Have you seen one? Now go to the Read More tab to read the Capstone Interactive eBook, Fish

Today there are two choices for PebbleGo Adventures. 

  • If you live close to a creek or lake, ask your family to go fishing.  What kind of fish might you catch close to you?
  • Or if you want to do a craft, check out these cute little paper fish you can make.

Week 5


Question:  How many branches of government does the United States have?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Social Studies and read all about Congress here. How many branches of government does the United States have?  What are they? 

Today’s PebbleGo Adventure is to make up a new law or two for your family.  For example, it could be Our family will play outside everyday or Our family will play a board game once a week together. As you make up a new family law, think about all the fun you can have learning and playing  together at home. 


Question: Who was the first woman to travel into space?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Biographies  and go to the article about Sally Ride here. What year did Sally travel into space? If you click on the Timeline in the right hand corner, can you find how many times she went to space? 

For today’s PebbleGo Adventure you are going to pretend you went to space. What will you discover? What will you find that is new? Draw a picture of what you will see and discover. Don’t forget to include yourself as an astronaut too. Have fun going to space!


Question: Wedges, screws, levers, and inclined planes are types of what?

Adventure: These are all types of Simple Machines. Go to PebbleGo Science to research Simple Machines here. Which one do you think would be fun to use?  Why?

Today, you will be inventing a NEW machine! You can go to this PebbleGo packet, Invent a New Machine, to read some of the ideas and use the information. Or you can also use a piece of paper and draw the machine you invented. You can even use recycled materials to build it!


Question: Which wildcat has long hairs on the tops of its ears?

Adventure: In PebbleGo Animals, you can read all about different Wildcats. You will find the Lynx and can read about his ears here

In your PebbleGo Research Buncee Journal or in your paper PebbleGo journal, write and draw what you learned about the lynx and other wildcats. You will even find a few eBooks under the Read More tab too. Make sure you draw a picture or find pictures within Buncee of the lynx and other wild cats too. You can find the directions for the Buncee below.


Question: Who is next in line to be king of Britain?

Adventure: In PebbleGo Social Studies, you can learn all about Royalty and Nobility here. You will find the answer to the Question of the Day here in the Prince Charles article. 

You can use the activity sheet to draw and write about Prince Charles here. Use this activity sheet to help you draw him. 

Week 6


Question:  What is another name for stepfamilies?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Social Studies and research Holidays and Families here. 

For today’s PebbleGo Adventure, draw a picture or make a video of your favorite family tradition or holiday. You can even share this with a family member by mailing or emailing them a letter or picture describing why this family tradition or holiday is so special to you. Or ask your parents to help you with a Zoom call and show them in a video chat too. 


Question: Which athlete is known as “the fastest man alive”?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Biographies to research Usain Bolt, who is known as the fastest man alive. 

For today’s PebbleGo Adventure, see how fast you can do different things. How fast can you run around the house outside? How fast can you clean your room?  How fast can you draw a picture of you being fast? Have fun being fast!


Question: What system of measurement does the United States use?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Science and research Measurements. Did you find what system the United States uses? You can learn more about the Imperial System here.

Today, find a few things outside or around the house to measure. Can you find something that is 10 inches? 20 inches? 100 inches? And how about something super small, like ½ inch or 1 inch? What was the smallest thing you found?


Question: Which amphibian has a round, flat body with bumpy skin?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Science and check out all of the cool amphibians. Did you find which one has a round, flat body with bumpy skin?  It is a toad and you can read about it here. 

For today’s PebbleGo Adventure, let’s go on an adventure walk to see if you can find any amphibians. Remember you can look for frogs, toads, mudpuppies, newts, salamanders and more. Record what you find on paper or in your PebbleGo Research Buncee Journal here.


Question: Which U.S. symbol in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has a crack running along its side?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Social Studies to research U.S. Symbols. Can you find which one has the crack along its side? You can read all about it here..

Imagine  you were asked to create a new U.S. symbol, What would it be? Where would it be? What would be the meaning behind it? Now, draw a picture of it and make it out of recycled materials or even sidewalk chalk.  Make sure you share it with your family too.

Week 7


Question:  What is the Shanghai Maglev?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Social Studies, to Transportation and read all about Trains here.  How fast does the Shanghai Maglev go? 

For today’s PebbleGo Adventure, ask your parents for some boxes, cardboard and other recycled materials to make your own train. What will your train be known for? Make it special to you! 


Question: Who was the first female chief of the Cherokee?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Biographies to American Indians.  Read all about Wilma Mankiller here

For today’s PebbleGo Adventure, you can make a dreamcatcher, a Native American craft. You will find the video with directions here


Question: What is a set of instructions for a computer called?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Science and read all about Computer Programming here. What did you learn? What did you already know about coding? 

For today’s PebbleGo Adventure, explore a few of the fun coding activities on the Hour of Code site here. You will find several that can be played on a computer or handheld device.


Question: Which pet is related to weasels, skunks, and mink?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Animals to read about Pets here. You can read about ferrets, who are related here

Today’s PebbleGo Adventures is going to be extra special with this Let’s Take a PebbleGo Adventure activity. You will find it here. Have fun!


Question: Solids, gases, and liquids are types of what?


Go PebbleGo Science to read about Matter here. You can read this fun eBook in Read More too. 

For today’s PebbleGo Adventure, test what happens to matter in different temperatures? Water when it’s cold? Hot? Ice cream when it’s hot? Cold? Ice when it’s hot? What else can change?

Week 8


Question:  Which military branch guards the sea?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Social Studies, to Branches of the Military.  Did you find find which one guards the sea? That’s right...the Coast Guard! You can read and listen to the article here

Since the Coast Guard works on the water for today’s PebbleGo Adventure, get outside and play in the water! Run through a sprinkler, find some buckets to fill, water plants or other ideas you might have for making water fun!


Question: Who was the only president to serve two terms in office that were not one right after the other?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Biographies, to Presidents. Here is a about Grover Cleveland. 

For today’s PebbleGo Adventure, download the free app, 1600 to see what happens at The White House. You will also find a virtual trip online here


Question: What is created by combining primary colors?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Science and read all about Primary Colors here

Now for today’s PebbleGo Adventure, let’s get out our paints and see what colors we can create with primary colors. What happens when you mix red and yellow?  How about yellow and blue? Blue and red? What is the most interesting one you can make? Paint a picture now with those beautiful colors you created and share it with a neighbor or friend.


Question: During hibernation, animals rest during what season?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Animals and read all about Hibernation here. What season do they rest? 

Now, take a walk outside and see if you can find some animal and insect homes. Look in the trees, on the ground, in a creek, under leaves or a fallen tree, and lots of others places. What did you find? Use your PebbleGo Research Buncee Journal to record your discoveries.


Question: What color is a polar bear’s fur?

Adventure: Go to PebbleGo Animals and read about Polar Bears here. What color is it? Don’t forget to click on the Read More tab to read and listen to these books too. 

Now, click here to go to the Toledo Zoo for a virtual field trip to learn more about their polar bears.

Week 9


Question:  Which flying military machine has no pilot?


Question: Which computer programmer helped with the Apollo 11 mission?


Question: What part of a plant grows down and helps hold the plant in place?


Question: What type of shark has white lines and white spots?


Question: How many states are there in the United States?