How to control sound in PebbleGo

Students and educators love the natural read-aloud audio throughout PebbleGo. However, there may be times where having hover-over audio enabled might not be preferred, like when presenting in front of an entire class or online. Disabling this feature (and re-enabling it when you want) can now be done in a snap.

  1. From the main PebbleGo or PebbleGo Next page, locate the small Capstone button toward the top righthand corner of the page.
    PebbleGo Home Screen as of December 2020
  2. Click on "Capstone" to display the dropdown menu. Locate "Hover Sounds" which are enabled by default.
    PebbleGo home screen with Hover Sounds enabled
  3. To disable hover-over audio, simply click "Hover Sounds" and you will see the icon now with a red line through it indicating hover sounds are disabled.
    PebbleGo home screen with hover sounds disabled

Re-enabling the hover sounds is as simple as disabling them. Just repeat the above steps and you will see the sound icon now with no red line through it indicating hover sounds are enabled.

Note: Disabling hover sounds doesn't affect other read-aloud audio throughout PebbleGo. Students will still have the ability to click the sound icon everywhere it appears as they always have.