About Capstone

Capstone is a trusted children’s publisher and interactive content producer rooted in education. Capstone creates fun learning experiences to support literacy in a variety of digital, print, and blended media formats for school libraries, classrooms and homes including the award-winning PebbleGo research database for elementary schools. Capstone is passionate about inclusivity, equity and accessibility in support of all kids. Visit www.capstonepub.com to learn more.

At A Glance:

  • Capstone is a family-owned company publishing engaging content for children PreK-Middle School.
  • Capstone was established in 1991 with a list of 48 titles.
  • Today, Capstone’s publishing content includes over 10,000 print titles and 9,000 digital eBooks, with over 5,000 of those including audio. Capstone is headquartered in Mankato, Minnesota, with offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Oxford, England.
  • Capstone employs 250 people.
  • In 2009, Capstone launched PebbleGo, the first database specifically designed for K-3 students.
  • In 10 years, the database has grown to nine curriculum-focused modules, including Animals, Biographies, Science, Social Studies, Dinosaurs, and four Spanish version modules, and cultivated a passionate user community.
  • The award-winning PebbleGo is used in 20% of U.S. elementary schools by over 3 million kids.
  • PebbleGo has over 1.7 billion lifetime page views and 661 million articles read, which equates to every K-3 student in the United States reading 58.5 articles.
  • Capstone’s Community Giving program is a strong part of its culture. In 2018 alone, Capstone partnered with 175 organizations for book donations.