Capstone Connect Quickstart Guide for Teachers

Step 1. Sign In

Access Capstone Connect from or by clicking “Sign In” in the upper right corner of either site.  

PG Sign In Button HighlightedPG Sign In Button Highlighted


Capstone Connect Sign In Button HighlightedCapstone Connect Sign In Button Highlighted

Sign in with your Capstone Connect account username and password. This username and password are the same username and password your students will use when signing into PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next.  

PebbleGo Sign In PagePebbleGo Sign In Page


Step 2. Navigate to Capstone Connect

Once signed in, we’ve nested the “Search by Standard or Title” under the Capstone dropdown menu, keeping the view unchanged for students but simple for teachers to access.

Select “Search by Standard or Title” to navigate to Capstone Connect to begin searching for resources correlated to standards or by title. If you do not see “Search by Standard or Title” you have logged into an account that does not have a Capstone Connect subscription. 

Capstone Connect, Interactive, Search Button HighlightedCapstone Connect, Interactive, Search Button Highlighted
Capstone Connect Search Button HighlightedCapstone Connect Search Button Highlighted


Step 3. Search for Content

The Capstone Connect homepage allows you to find the content to inspire your everyday teaching

  • Search by Standards allows you to search by state or national standards to find aligned resources.
  • Title Search allows you to search by the title [or word in the title] of the resource available within your Capstone Connect subscription.
  • Featured Content allows you to discover a timely set of featured resources that support the education topics that are trending for the month.
Capstone Connect Homepage Search by Title and Standard HighlightedCapstone Connect Homepage Search by Title and Standard Highlighted
  • Activity Bundles are theme based activity plans and projects that are standards aligned and provide learners choice through hands-on cross curricular activities consisting of graphic organizers, maker and EdTech projects, as well as the opportunity to show what they know.
Capstone Connect Homepage, Activity BundlesCapstone Connect Homepage, Activity Bundles
  • Trending illustrates what search terms are most popular from your community— whether on a school, state, or global level—to help inspire your next lesson.
Capstone Connect homepage trendingCapstone Connect homepage trending

Search by Standard

The Capstone Connect Search by Standard homepage allows you to filter a variety of content by

  1. State or National Standard
  2. Subject
  3. Grade 

This example illustrates a search for content focused on First Grade Science for the standards in the state of California.  

Capstone Connect Search By Standard exampleCapstone Connect Search By Standard example

Search by Standards Results Page 

These are the results of your search for First Grade California Science standards. You can scroll to find the specific standard you are interested in finding content for. 

Capstone Connect Standards Results PageCapstone Connect Standards Results Page

You can drill down to a specific standard by selecting the hyperlinked text. In this example, we’re going to look specifically at “Engineering Design.” 

Capstone Connect Standards Search ContinuedCapstone Connect Standards Search Continued

This view shows curated Capstone content that is correlated to your chosen standard. Curated content includes resources available in PebbleGo, Capstone Interactive eBooks, Activity Bundles and Instructional Materials. Content is sorted alphabetically. Use the search field to narrow your results.

Capstone Connect Standard Search Example continuedCapstone Connect Standard Search Example continued


Title Search

Another way to search for resources is using the Title Search from the Capstone Connect home page. This allows you to filter content by the title of the resource or a word within the title of a resource. This example illustrates a search for content focused on the word “friends.” 

Capstone Connect Title SearchCapstone Connect Title Search


Title Search Results Page 

These are the results of your search for “friends”. In this example, there are 3 pages of results. You can use the pagination buttons to navigate to the resources you need.  

Title search results updatedTitle search results updated

This view shows a closer look at the curated Capstone content that resulted from your Title Search of the word “friends.” Curated content includes resources available in PebbleGo, Capstone Interactive eBooks, Activity Bundles and Instructional Materials. Content is sorted alphabetically. You can find the specific content you are looking for or explore the multiple resources generated by your search.  

updated cc pagination exampleupdated cc pagination example


Filtering Content

Whether you search by standards or title, you can filter results and look only at specific types of content. This can be done by selecting the criteria in the Filter and then selecting Apply. In this example, we will filter instructional materials and eBooks that have been returned using a title search. We have further refined the eBooks search to include books that are only within a specific Lexile reading level. 

Capstone Connect filter exampleCapstone Connect filter example


A timely set of featured resources that are standards aligned that support what education topics are trending for the month. Our featured resources will save you time and help you stay focused on what matters— engaging learners with quality content, all without the effort to vet and curate. 

Updated feature example part 1Updated feature example part 1
Updated feature example part 2Updated feature example part 2

Activity Bundles 

Each activity bundle has 5 theme based standards-aligned supplemental activity plans that can be used to:

  • Support Core Curriculum
  • Extend Research Projects
  • Supplement Plans for Emergency Substitute Teachers

Each activity plan is flexible and modular–designed for educators to choose the pieces that work best for them and their learners. All activity plans are designed to support ELA research standards, as well as being aligned to an ISTE and content specific standards. Find Activity Bundles/Plans by:

  • Searching by standard or title
  • Scrolling through the carousel on the Capstone Connect home page

Activity Bundles are sorted on the Capstone Connect home page into two grade level groupings: K-2 and 3-5  

Updated capstone connect homepage, activity bundles highlightedUpdated capstone connect homepage, activity bundles highlighted

Activity Bundles and Plans Include:

  • Instructions for use
  • Clickable Table Of Contents  
  • Overview of standards, components and resources
activity bundle example part 1activity bundle example part 1
  • Discover: Where learners dive into research
    •  Activity specific graphic organizer
  • Engage: Where learners create to show what they know with Maker and EdTech projects. You can use both projects or just one.
    •  Maker - No technology needed - Common classroom materials 
    • EdTech - Engaging digital technology 
    • Free/freemium kid-friendly EdTech tools used
  • Share: Where students reflect on learning
    • Ready to use essential questions for learning reflection
    • Topic housed in Flip’s Discovery Library
Activity Bundle example part 2Activity Bundle example part 2
  • Vocabulary words
  • Printable Blackline Masters
  • Graphic organizers
    • Activity specific
    • Tailored for students’ grade range
    • PDF format for printing or digital integration
  • Links:
    • Select the resource link to go directly to the article or eBook to easily share with students
    • Direct link to add the topic to your Flip classroom
    • EdTech tool help page 
Activity Bundle example part 3Activity Bundle example part 3


Discover what search terms are most popular from your community in real time— whether on a school, state, or global level—to help inspire your next lesson. You will only see what products you have in your subscription. 

Capstone Connect Trending Search exampleCapstone Connect Trending Search example


Step 4. Share with Students

Instructional Materials 

Whether or not you’ve filtered the results, you can easily download instructional materials. Select the download button or the title to save a PDF of the instructional materials to your device. After the document has been downloaded to your device, you can upload it to a cloud service of your choice (ex. Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox) and house the link in online lesson planning resources or share with your peers. 

Capstone Connect Instructional MaterialsCapstone Connect Instructional Materials


Pebble Go Articles: Copy Link

Copy a direct link to a PebbleGo article for easy student access via your LMS or favorite EdTech tool in 1 of 2 ways. Whether in Capstone Connect or in PebbleGo, you can use the “Copy Link” feature to create a unique URL that can be easily shared in any Learning Management System (LMS), education platform or EdTech tool allowing your students a quick, no sign in experience to access the PebbleGo article. Two options include:

1. Select the “Copy Link” button within Capstone Connect: 

updated pg articles link copyupdated pg articles link copy

2. Or, Select the “Copy Link” icon at the top of the article from within the PebbleGo article. 

pg article copy link updatedpg article copy link updated

Capstone Interactive eBooks: Copy Link and Preview 

Copy a direct link to an eBook for easy student access via Your LMS or favorite EdTech tool. To use this eBook as part of a lesson, select the “Copy Link” button to create a unique URL that you can share in any Learning Management System (LMS), education platform or EdTech tool allowing students a quick, no sign in experience to access the eBook.  

updated ebook article linkupdated ebook article link

Preview an eBook 

You can preview an eBook by expanding the preview area of the results page by selecting the drop arrow next to the copy link icon. You can quickly scan book information like summary, guided reading level (GRL), Lexile level, ATOS readability level, page count, runtime and subject area. If the eBook has an associated instructional material, it will be linked. 

capstone connect preview ebookcapstone connect preview ebook

Note: Only provide the direct link on computers and web pages that students need login to access. The rule of thumb is that if anyone on the internet can select and get access to Capstone Interactive, PebbleGo, and PebbleGo Next, then you cannot use the direct link in that location. 


Step. 5 Integration with LMS and EdTech tools 

Capstone Connect and LMS/edtech toolsCapstone Connect and LMS/edtech tools

The “Copy Link” feature noted in the PebbleGo Articles and Capstone Interactive eBooks sections of this guide allow you to easily copy a link to any PebbleGo or Capstone Interactive eBook that is returned in your standards search. This unique link is tied to your school’s Capstone Connect account and can be accessed by multiple students at one time. These links can be easily pasted in your LMS or EdTech tools like Seesaw or Google Classroom. Because these links provide access to paid materials within your Capstone Connect subscription, we strongly encourage you to use the links for student access only. 

Capstone Connect ExamplesCapstone Connect Examples
Use Capstone Connect with...


Google Classroom


Google HyperDocs



Step 6. Helpful Resources

Share with Families

Tools to easily share information with parents & guardians about PebbleGo and Capstone Interactive

Introduce to Students

Effective and engaging options to start using PebbleGo with your students

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