Using PebbleGo & Flipgrid for Science, Social Studies & Social-Emotional Learning
Sara Norman

Sara Norman

Using PebbleGo & Flipgrid for Science, Social Studies & Social-Emotional Learning

March 11, 2021

Peanut Butter and Jelly. Mac and Cheese. PebbleGo and Flipgrid. Some things are meant to be together and these perfect pairs are all just right! While I love PB&J more than most, my favorite combo this year has to be PebbleGo and Flipgrid! When these two great resources get used in education, the engagement and learning soar! 

This year I’ve used PebbleGo and Flipgrid together in my classroom, and it has taken our Science, Social Studies and Social-Emotional Learning to the next level. In this post, I’ll share five lessons that highlight the possibilities that can happen when you create a partnership between PebbleGo and Flipgrid in your learning space.     

Social-Emotional Learning with Capstone Connect and Flipgrid


Social-emotional learning (SEL) is an increasingly important focus in today’s schools. PebbleGo has a wide selection of high-quality SEL articles. Everything from different types of feelings to important parts of relationships and friendships. The high-interest selection makes it easy to integrate into any educational space and is really relevant to today’s students. Pairing these articles with a great response tool like Flipgrid allows us to bring SEL to life! 

After reading an SEL PebbleGo article, have students create a video in Flipgrid focusing on that skill. A great one to start with is connecting. Have students read the Making New Friends article and then create a short video listing 3 things they like to do. Students can then comment on each other’s videos (with either written or a video response) making connections about their similar interests. This simple SEL lesson is a great foundation for building a student-focused classroom culture where everyone feels welcome.

Science with Capstone Connect and Flipgrid


While a field trip to the Everglades would be fantastic, it isn’t an option for most of us. But don’t let that stop you! Did you know the Everglades offers a FREE virtual field trip? It is a fun-filled adventure, even if you aren’t physically there in the Florida sun. When you pair this field trip with the amazing articles in PebbleGo and a response in Flipgrid, your students will feel like they were actually there! 

The Everglades is a great starting point for many learning discussions. PebbleGo has articles on animal habitats, conservation, and environmental information. No matter what standard you are focusing on, a great way to increase engagement is by having students create a drawing of their favorite part of the Everglades. Sketches School is a fun app if you’re looking for a tech version of pencil & paper. Once finished, students can create a video in Flipgrid where they showcase their drawing and incorporate facts based on your area of focus. In 5th grade, we defended why our favorite part of the park should be the center of conservation efforts.

Simple Machines

Simple machines are simply fun! PebbleGo next has an entire selection of articles focused on the different types of simple machines. Each article is highly informative and includes a section that features real-world examples of the machines. After researching all the machines, have students choose one type to create their own example. Flipgrid is the perfect place for students to share their demonstrations. To extend the learning, have students include facts that they’ve learned during their research. Don’t forget to do a gallery walk, where students watch each other’s videos and comment, connect or ask a question about the demonstrations. Not only is this fun, but it ‘pulleys’ the learning to the next level! 


PebbleGo takes Earth science learning out of this world! With articles focused on Earth features and landforms, as well as erosion and the water cycle, there are so many great options to accompany your landforms unit. Let students explore the different landform articles and then have them create their own. This is a great hands-on activity where any material can be used. From play-doh to tin foil, let your student’s creativity shine! Older students can utilize an augmented reality (AR) app to add a layer of research to their landform creation. When done, have students upload the video of their 3D landform to Flipgrid. Utilizing TAG responses (Tell me something you liked, Ask me a question or Give me a suggestion) encourages discussion and continued learning. 

Social Studies with Capstone Connect and Flipgrid

Native American Shelters

One of the best ways to learn history is by bringing it to life! PebbleGo Next has a vast selection of informative articles about American Indian history. The photographs, maps, and videos help deepen student’s understanding while giving life to so many important aspects of American Indian history. To engage students even further, have them research shelters that the different Native American tribes used. Then have students choose one tribe and create a replica of that shelter. Keep the selection of materials open-ended. This year alone I had students create shelters from a wide variety of construction items, everything from Minecraft to building structures with logs in their backyard. Once the structures are built, students can create a video in Flipgrid that showcases their Native American shelter. Extend their knowledge by having students include facts about the Native American tribe that their shelter is from. Keep the learning going by having students ask questions in the comments on Flipgrid. Students can either write or video their responses, which is a great option for students at all levels of learning! 

No matter what academic area of focus you are working on, when you add in the perfect pairing of PebbleGo and Flipgrid, the engagement and learning soar! Want more information about how to implement any of the aforementioned lessons? Check out our webinar from February 18, 2021, where we share more about these projects and easy-to-follow how-to demonstrations for both PebbleGo and Flipgrid!