PebbleGo Vote - Voting Now Open
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Shannon McClintock Miller

PebbleGo Vote: The Perfect Place For Students To Have A Voice In The Presidential Election!

October 5, 2020

Preparing election activities in your school? Voting is one of our most fundamental American rights and a presidential election year is a great opportunity to connect curriculum and current events. 

Capstone and its popular K-3 database PebbleGo and 3-5 database PebbleGo Next are making it easy to make sure even your youngest students are included in the excitement.  They’ve launched a free program called PebbleGo Vote.

As the site states, "Your K-5 students love learning all they can about our country's leaders and the election process.  PebbleGo Vote allows students across the country to have a voice in the U.S. Presidential election, see that voting is important, and get a great civics lesson at the same time." 

PebbleGo Vote - Voting Screen

PebbleGo Vote is a fun and educational place for students to cast their ballot for Joe Biden or Donald Trump—voting opened on October 1. 

From October 1 to November 15, students and teachers have free access to all election-related articles on PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next, including biographies of candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden. 

PebbleGo Vote - Nationwide or School Selection

Schools and students can vote in either the National Student Voice, which doesn't require them to have a school code or link, or in the Educator School Selection, which allows you to share a school-specific link to share with students and see your school's results. 

PebbleGo Vote - Lessons and Activities

Capstone has also created a great site full of free resources including several lesson plans and activities that will fit into your K-5 curriculum. 

PebbleGo Vote - My Own Presidential Candidate

There are lesson plans and activities like this one to use with PebbleGo for K-3...

PebbleGo Vote - My Own Presidential Candidate - Page 2
PebbleGo Vote - Presidential Trading Cards - Page 2

...and this one for using with PebbleGo Next for 3-6. 

PebbleGo Vote - Presidential Trading Cards - Page 1
PebbleGo Vote - Poster

In addition to the Lesson Plans and Activities, there are several posters and images to use with the PebbleGo Vote campaign, 

PebbleGo Vote - I Voted Stickers

and the coolest I Voted stickers and...

PebbleGo Vote - Trump Coloring Sheet

...PebbleGo Vote Coloring Sheets.  You will find all of these on the site here too

Within the PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next articles, you will also find the Share What You Know templates at the bottom under Activities. 

PebbleGo Vote - Share What You Know

These are always super helpful to use as your students read, research and reflect on what they have learned in the articles within PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next. 

PebbleGo Vote - Nationwide or School Selection

You can register here, friends. Remember, there are two ways to share PebbleGo Vote with your students and school community. 

And sign up for your FREE PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next Vote trial here.

Let your students know that their vote counts too!  

Tag Capstone on Twitter @capstonepub and use hashtag #PebbleGoVote when sharing how you are using PebbleGo Vote.