Nurturing Digital Literacy and Citizenship in Students with PebbleGo
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Rachelle Dené Poth

Nurturing Digital Literacy and Citizenship in Students with PebbleGo

September 25, 2023


As we start to see more technology being used in our classrooms and students having access to endless resources with just a few clicks, it's critical that students not only become proficient in using digital tools but also understand the responsibilities that come with it. Providing opportunities for students to develop skills in digital literacy and digital citizenship will help them to navigate the digital world safely and effectively. With resources available through Capstone, students have access to so many beneficial and engaging learning materials. In addition to the educational content, the learning materials provide students with an opportunity to practice and develop good habits when it comes to using digital tools. Using PebbleGo and PebbleGo Create are excellent ways to help students build essential digital citizenship and digital literacy skills. 

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Why does Digital Literacy matter?

Digital literacy is a skill that is required now and for the world of work. When we start building these skills early, it equips students with the tools they need to succeed in their future careers, where technology is certain to play an integral role. Digital literacy also helps to promote critical thinking. For students, being able to think critically, evaluate and process the information they find online is important, especially when trying to avoid fake news and misinformation. Teaching students to discern credible sources, fact-check, and critically analyze digital content are vital skills for making informed decisions. Using PebbleGo resources, students learn about proper citations and reliable resources and they learn basics about  how to use digital technology!

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With ebooks available to take students through lessons on important topics related to the use of technology, teachers can guide students through activities to help them develop their skills and understand the power of the technology they have access to. 

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Digital literacy also teaches students about the importance of online safety, privacy, and the responsible use of technology. Students need to understand the potential risks and know how to protect themselves when using technology and interacting online. With resources available on PebbleGo focused on topics like cyberbullying, online privacy, and internet safety, students can explore on their own and understand the importance of these topics  We want students to know how to stay safe online and there are great books available to read with students that can spark classroom discussions and a positive learning community. 

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It is important to engage students in conversations about real-world online situations, and support and guide them in making safe and ethical choices. There are articles and books available to help students learn about these topics and then create a presentation to teach classmates or make a poster to display in the classroom. 

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Students can explore articles on topics such as digital citizenship or read books to learn more about privacy and how to keep themselves safe. PebbleGo offers interactive materials that make learning fun for students! 

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Here are five creative ideas for using PebbleGo and PebbleGo Create to build digital citizenship and digital literacy skills:


1. Digital Citizenship Pledge

Once students learn about digital citizenship, they can then create digital citizenship pledges using PebbleGo Create. With all of the fantastic choices, students can create visually engaging infographics that share their commitment to responsible online behavior, respecting others, and being kind online. We can then display their PSAs in the classroom or on the school's website to promote a positive digital environment. 


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2. Digital Storytelling

Encourage students to select articles or books related to digital citizenship or digital literacy and then create a presentation or tell a story using PebbleGo Create. It is a good opportunity to emphasize the importance of citing their sources when using information or media found online. 


3. Online Safety and Privacy

Spend time exploring the activities and have a discussion about the importance of online safety. Students need to understand the importance of password security, protecting their personal information and not oversharing protection, and engaging in safe online behavior. Make time for class discussions so students can share their online experiences and any challenges they have faced. This is also a great opportunity for classmates to offer guidance on how to handle any potential risks that come with interacting online.


4. Research and Citation Practice

With so many articles and books available to choose from, students have access to reliable resources for research projects. Teach them how to navigate the platform, find relevant information, and then how to properly cite their sources. It is important that students understand how to accurately give credit to the creators of online content, which helps to foster a culture of academic integrity. We can use this opportunity to teach them about copyright, fair use, and respecting intellectual property when adding information they find into their projects.

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Social Media Awareness

With the increased use of social media, even by younger students, it is important to help them understand the impact that social media can have in our daily lives. Have students explore PebbleGo content related to  social media platforms. Discuss the responsible use of social media, including issues like cyberbullying and the potential consequences of online actions.

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Digital literacy and digital citizenship are essential components that will best equip students with the skills they need to navigate the digital world responsibly, ethically, and safely. Educators have valuable resources from PebbleGo that will help students by providing a structured and engaging platform for teaching these crucial skills. PebbleGo Create allows students to take what they have learned and illustrate their understanding and ideas through a variety of media features in authentic and meaningful ways.