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New! Past and Present Articles

July 28, 2022


We are pleased to announce the release of “Past and Present,” 12 brand-new articles on how everyday life has changed over time. Last fall, we removed a set of PebbleGo Social Studies articles about life in the past because they no longer met our standards for inclusivity. This new set of texts covers a range of engaging, standards-aligned topics, from clothing to transportation to games and fun in the past and present.

The Past and Present category includes an introductory article that prepares young researchers for an inquiry into the ways life has changed through time. It acknowledges how a person’s time, place, and identity can affect their experiences. Two students today—whether they are hundreds of miles apart, or are sitting together in the same classroom—are likely to find that they have interesting differences between them, as well as many things in common. As learners discover that there are differences among people today, they should know that this was true for people in the past as well.

Perhaps just as importantly, we also hope children come away from these articles realizing new connections and shared humanity between people in the past and present. Even as technological innovations and social developments continuously change our lives, some things remain constant: People throughout time have always shared food, passed on knowledge, and found ways to have fun.

While these 200-word texts for K-2 researchers won’t represent every possible experience, the new Past and Present articles provide a broad window into aspects of life in the past. Students will discover, for example, that some children of the past learned from parents and elders at home, some learned in one-room schoolhouses, and many others had to fight for the right to an equal education.

Our hope is that these texts and their accompanying photos and videos will serve as jumping-off points for big questions, further research, and rich conversations with kids and their grown-ups. And stay tuned in 2023 for additional Capstone resources that support teaching about past and present, including lessons and activities.

As with all PebbleGo content, you can expect that we will continually review our articles, images, and videos to ensure they meet the evolving needs of learners and support curriculum requirements. Do you have comments, questions, or ideas for PebbleGo? Reach out!