Meet the Team: Sarah Erie

November 5, 2018

Role: Senior Digital Renewal Specialist

Sarah Erie

Years at Capstone: It is 7 years as of October 10th.

Favorite part of working at Capstone? The people, especially my team.  Everyone is so supportive and collaborative.  It makes for a wonderful environment.

How does your role support PebbleGo users? I assist existing accounts to renew their current subscriptions, help current customers add new modules, and help districts that already have some PebbleGo expand both site-wise and database-wise.

Favorite article within PebbleGo: Probably Lightning and Thunder in PebbleGo.  During a recent storm my son and I were debating with each other if lightning or thunder came first.  I went to PebbleGo to find the answer – he was right. 😊 

Family: I have a 15-year-old son, Eain, who makes me laugh every day.

Pets: Last June we adopted Little Max, a yorkie mix.  There is never a dull moment with him and he loves dressing in dog clothes. Honestly, I could care less, but if he sees one of his sweaters or coats he jumps and dances until you put it on him.  It’s pretty hilarious.

Favorite US state apart from the one you live in: Vermont

Favorite thing to do on the weekend: Read, have some wine, play board games with Eain, see friends and family.