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Meet the Team: Mary Schreier

January 22, 2020
Mary Schreier

Name: Mary Schreier

Role: Email Marketing Specialist

Years at Capstone: 4 months

Favorite part of working at Capstone: We enhance the lives of children every day by reaching out to some of their top role models with fun ideas and solutions. What’s more rewarding than that?

How does your role support PebbleGo users? When you hear from PebbleGo in your inbox, I’ve had a hand in writing that content!

Favorite article within PebbleGo: Adoptive Families

Favorite Capstone book/series: The “Don’t Bring Your Dragon” series

Family: Hey adoptees! I have 2 adopted brothers, 6 half siblings, my adoptive parents, and my biological parents, all of whom I am connected to!

Pets: Does an imaginary dog count?

Favorite US state apart from the one you live in: Hawai'i

Favorite thing to do on the weekend: Go hiking at a state park, or hit up a new spot for brunch with the girls!