Meet the Team: Amanda Moon

April 10, 2019
Amanda Moon and Family

Name: Amanda Moon

Role: Digital Marketing Specialist

Years at Capstone: 3 ½

Favorite part of working at Capstone: Seeing readers fall in love with our books.

How does your role support PebbleGo users? I am responsible for all of our marketing emails, including the emails we send during PebbleGo trials, to onboard new users, monthly newsletters, information about new articles, features, and databases, and more! When you get an email from, it’s from a real person. Me.

Favorite article within PG: Asking Questions

Favorite Capstone book/series: Captured History

Family: My husband, Chris, and I have two kids. Lily is 11 and Austin is 9.

Pets: Picasso is six-year-old baby. He is a golden retriever/boxer/pitbull/probably a million other things mix and weighs almost 90 pounds. He wishes he was a lap dog, but since he’s not allowed on the furniture he settles for sitting directly at our feet at all times. Our cat, Kahlo, is a rescue of indeterminate age. She also must be in contact with someone at all times, and really likes rubbing her face on our faces, which would be sweeter if I wasn’t allergic to her. She sits at the counter while the kids are eating like we might give her a plate, too. Once, when the bag was accidentally left on the counter, she ate three bagels while we slept.

Favorite US state apart from the one you live in: Washington. I’ve only been there twice, but it was beautiful.

Favorite thing to do on the weekend: Be outside as much as possible. When the weather is nice, we go for a lot of family bike rides, usually to an ice cream shop. When it’s not nice enough to bike, we walk as much as possible.