How Educators Can Harness the Power of Creativity with PebbleGo Create

How Educators Can Harness the Power of Creativity with PebbleGo Create

February 17, 2022

PebbleGo Create is finally here! For those of you who haven’t heard, PebbleGo Create is the new PebbleGo add-on that takes learning to the next level. PebbleGo Create gives students the ability to explore PebbleGo’s vast selection of research articles, then demonstrate their learning in their own way using a variety of media options. 

With PebbleGo Create, educators can feel confident that no matter their abilities, background, or unique needs, their students can share their learning in a way that makes sense to them. Students can choose to use text, drawing, audio, video, image, and more to create a Buncee that illustrates what they’ve learned in PebbleGo. When students are free to choose their own methods of expression, and they take an active and creative role in their learning, they gain confidence, and their learning stays with them long after they leave the classroom. 

Educators are automatically able to keep tabs on their students’ progress, and view their work, as well as manage their class roster and design their own unique creations. 

Let’s take a closer look at how educators can harness the power of creativity with PebbleGo Create:

First, educators log in to their PebbleGo Create accounts. Depending on your school account, educators, as well as students, may be able to log in with their Google or Microsoft credentials.   

PebbleGo Create, Sign in with Buncee Highlighted


Once educators are logged in, they’ll be able to access their Classroom Dashboard by clicking the dropdown menu in the top right, and then clicking “Create.”     

PebbleGo Create, Drop Down Menu, Create Highlighted


Educators will then be taken to their classroom dashboard. Here, you can view all your classes and manage student accounts. 

PebbleGo Create Classroom Dashboard

You can click “New Class” to create a new class. 

PebbleGo Create Student Roster, Add Students Highlighted


To add a student account, simply click add student, and enter the necessary information. 

If your account is set up through Microsoft 365 or Google Classroom, you will also have the ability to sync your classes with PebbleGo Create with the push of a button. You can then add or update student information in either Microsoft 365 or Google Classroom, and resync at any time. 

You can view your students’ Buncees at any time by clicking on the arrow on the right side. 

PebbleGo Create Student Roster, Drop Down Arrow Highlighted

You can view all your students’ Buncees here, and can click on each Buncee to view it in fullscreen. 

PebbleGo Create View Student Buncees

Educators can click on “New Buncee” to create their own Buncee from scratch.  

PebbleGo Create, Create a New Buncee Highlighted

A Buncee can be anything you want it to be: an engaging lesson or presentation, an interactive activity, a template for students to follow, a resource toolkit, and so much more! There are many media options available, and educators can click on the icons in the side panels to explore these options. 

Search for stickers, web images, animations and shapes, and then drag and drop them into the canvas to illustrate concepts. Or, add drawings to create your own diagrams. 

Include important text, which can be read in Immersive Reader, where students and families can translate text, and adjust text to suit their unique needs. Add a personal element, or demonstrate a problem or concept with your own video or audio recording. 

Include links, upload photos and files, and provide additional resources, all in one convenient location.   

PebbleGo Create, Polar Bear Example

When you’re ready, you can share your Buncee with others through a variety of sharing options, or, share directly with student accounts. Students can then open and view the Buncee, or copy it and use it as a template.  

PebbleGo Create Share with Students Options



PebbleGo Create Student Shared with Me Tab

This is truly just scratching the surface of what educators can do with PebbleGo Create! There are so many more creative options to choose from, and there is truly no limit to what you and your students can create! 

PebbleGo Create can be added to any PebbleGo subscription, including PebbleGo Spanish and PebbleGo Next. Educators can learn more about PebbleGo Create at