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Five Fresh Ideas for Fall!

November 10, 2022


As educators, we should strive to offer different opportunities for our students to become curious about learning and better understand the world around them. As they learn, they need to be able to show what they are learning and to apply their knowledge in ways that enable them to be creative, to have fun while creating, and to engage more in learning. When it comes to our content, which is important, we also need to bring in diverse learning materials that enable students to learn the content in a more authentic and engaging way, while developing skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity, that can be transferred to their future. 

Using PebbleGo and the books available through Capstone, educators can foster creativity and curiosity in students. Combining the Capstone content with all of the creativity options available with through PebbleGo Create, students can create meaningful and visually engaging representations of their learning.  Because Capstone offers curriculum-aligned content, teachers will be confident that they are providing powerful and purposeful learning experiences for students.  When combined with the power of creation from PebbleGo Create, students will be empowered through voice and choice in learning as they create and build skills in a digital environment.

Helping students to develop their digital citizenship and essential technology skills is also facilitated through these tools. Using Capstone’s digital library collection, we empower students with choice as they select and read ebooks, or explore articles available on PebbleGo. To reflect on and apply what they have read, they can use PebbleGo Create to express learning using a variety of creativity options that will promote authentic, meaningful and personalized learning for students. It truly is a multi-purpose platform that can do so much, and the possibilities really are endless when it comes to learning!

Here are five fresh ideas for fall:

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage month and this presents a great opportunity for students to “recognize the significant contributions the first Americans made to the establishment and growth of the United States.” Using the PebbleGo Next resources, students can complete a cultural comparison of some of the indigenous cultures. There are a variety of activities to help students learn how to research and share what they have learned.


Explore Civics, History, and Government

Leading up to and in November, there is a lot of information coming out about elections and political candidates. Our youngest students need to understand history and how people impacted the systems in place today. Explore the history makers who impacted the American expansion, or Civil Rights movements, or who became heroes for many people. Students can explore on their own and think about the qualities that these people possessed and how that led them to make an impact in the world. 


PG History Makers ScreenshotPG History Makers Screenshot


Capstone has some great books available for students to read about change makers and people of impact that led to the creation of some of our policies and government structures in place today. There are books about elections and the government. Students can read and then create something to share with classmates about what they have learned! 

Capstone Titles ScreenshotCapstone Titles Screenshot


Build a Love of Reading

There are so many great books available for students to choose from covering important topics like SEL and activism and change makers. With so many books available for students, we can provide more authentic and meaningful learning opportunities for them. Truly relevant, real-world learning!

As students read, engage them in conversations, see what they are curious about and then have them create something to share that learning! Whether students design a book trailer or a book summary, it is a more engaging way to learn and share! 


Encourage Healthy Choices

It's important for students to be prepared when it comes to their health, and that includes not just physical health, but also mental wellness. Especially as we focus on SEL, helping students to understand their emotions while practicing mindfulness and being able to ask for help when needed is important. With holidays and special events throughout the year, students need to build their knowledge of healthy eating habits, and what better way than to explore in PebbleGo, and then to use PebbleGo Create to share that with classmates and their teacher!

PG Health ScreenshotPG Health Screenshot

Building upon SEL, we can help students to develop social awareness by learning about healthy habits for eating, and then learn about other countries or customs of people from around the world!

With these great resources from Capstone, students can think about their habits and the importance of focusing on self-care and their wellness! 

Capstone Titles Screenshot, HealthCapstone Titles Screenshot, Health


Holidays and Traditions

The fall brings many holidays and traditions for people around the world. With PebbleGo, students can learn about some of these holidays, the first celebration, customs for celebrating, and so much more!  


PG Holidays ScreenshotPG Holidays Screenshot


It is important for students to understand the backgrounds and perspectives of their classmates so they can develop social awareness and other essential SEL skills.  With options available in PebbleGo, students can learn about important holidays and how they are celebrated. Then they can use what they learned to make cultural comparisons, which promotes global and cultural awareness. Building relationships in our classrooms is essential, and as we prepare students for the future, providing as many opportunities to learn about the “what, why, and how” regarding holidays and traditions is important.

With the resources from PebbleGo, and with the power of PebbleGo Create to share learning, students are empowered to exercise their choice as they visually communicate learning, thoughts, and experiences, and create something unique! There are so many options and all are provided in a safe space where students can explore and find exactly what they need!