Diving into Fall with PebbleGo Resources
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Rachelle Dené Poth

Diving into Fall with PebbleGo Resources

October 24, 2023


The fall is a perfect opportunity for educators to look for new ideas to boost student engagement and dive into some meaningful and real-world learning experiences. With PebbleGo, educators can find a lot of great resources for students to explore something of interest and engage in learning that is fun and informative. Here are some creative ideas for fall and how PebbleGo helps students to engage more in learning and connect with the content in more authentic ways. 


1. Take a walk outside and explore 

Movement for our students and ourselves is important. We spend so much time either seated in the desks or just standing and moving inside of our classroom. The fall is the perfect opportunity to get outside when the seasons change. Students can find topics related to the changing of the seasons and learn about the science behind these changes through PebbleGo's resources. 



2. Explore science and find out why leaves change colors

 Use PebbleGo's "Science" section to explore why leaves change colors in the fall. Students can learn about photosynthesis, chlorophyll, and pigments. After learning about the process, students can create using PebbleGo Create and share what they learned. Another fun activity could be to collect and identify different leaves from around their school or home. Students can create a project to share their findings with classmates and even use it for a scavenger hunt to find the different leaves!!


3. Flying south!

Students may wonder about animal migration. PebbleGo has information on a variety of animals that migrate such as birds and butterflies. Using PebbleGo Create, students can create a log or journal to discuss the migration routes and include an example migration map or even create a diorama to visually display what it looks like. Another idea is to have students observe and document the different bird species that visit their area during the fall. They can create a bird-watching journal and identify birds using PebbleGo Create!

Capstone Interactive eBooks BirdsCapstone Interactive eBooks Birds



4. Why does the weather change? 

Students can learn about how weather patterns shift, especially during the fall. Understanding temperature changes, precipitation, and what causes these shifts is important. By using PebbleGo Create, students can create weather journals to record their own observations throughout the season and share with classmates. An extra benefit would be to have students compare their findings and engage in discussions about what they learned!


5. Wildlife and Habitats

Fall is a beautiful time of the year for observing wildlife and their habitats. Ask students about the types of animals they see more during this time of the year and which animals they do not see as much. With the resources from PebbleGo, students can then select "Animals" or "Biomes" and do their exploration of animals and where they live. After learning more about their chosen animal, they can create a presentation to share with classmates. 

PebbleGo Hibernation ArticlePebbleGo Hibernation Article


Students can even talk about why animals hibernate and learn about the process. It is fun to create a presentation using PebbleGo Create to share their learning!

PebbleGo Create ExamplePebbleGo Create Example


Thinking about Fall Holidays and Traditions 

During the fall, there are a lot of great holidays and fall traditions that students can learn more about. It is important to build cultural awareness and help students to understand the world around them. Using PebbleGo’s resources, students can learn more about the history of some of these traditions or people of impact. Here are a few ideas for students to explore:




Investigate the history of Halloween and its customs. PebbleGo provides information on the origins of Halloween, including its roots and how it's celebrated today. Encourage students to create presentations about the history of Halloween costumes or the significance of pumpkins in the holiday.


Day of the Dead

Delve into the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) using PebbleGo's resources. Students can learn about the traditions, such as building ofrendas (altars) and making sugar candy skulls. They can also explore the cultural significance of honoring loved ones who have passed away. If you have time, create opportunities for students to participate in some of these activities!



Students can learn more about the meaning of Diwali and how it is celebrated. It is a great idea to have students discuss each of the holidays and traditions celebrated by different cultures. Building awareness and understanding the similarities and differences as well as learning from different perspectives is essential for all students. Social awareness is one of the five core competencies of social-emotional learning (SEL) and students can explore many beneficial resources within PebbleGo to help them develop their skills in this area.



Explore the history of Thanksgiving and its cultural significance. Students can learn about the origins of the holiday, the First Thanksgiving, and how it has evolved over time. They can also research and present on different Thanksgiving traditions from around the world.

Students can read and watch videos to learn more about these holidays and traditions and then have fun talking about what they learned and creating a presentation to share their learning with others!


Fall is a season of wonder and change, making it an excellent time for engaging and educational experiences. PebbleGo's resources can be invaluable in helping students explore the beauty of fall and deepen their understanding of the world around them. 

By incorporating these fall learning ideas, educators can spark curiosity, boost engagement, and foster a lifelong love of learning in their students. Pick a few ideas and head outdoors to go on a learning adventure with your students!