Bringing Focus to Creativity in Writing
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Rachelle Dené Poth

Bring Focus to Creativity in Writing!

April 3, 2023


April is the perfect time to bring focus to creativity and writing! In April, there are several focus areas that highlight the importance of developing literacy skills and engaging in ongoing learning and creating. The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) first established April as School Library Month in 1985. Since then, schools across the country have planned various events and activities to celebrate. It is a special time during the year to recognize the importance of libraries and librarians in our schools and communities. 

April is also National Poetry Month, an annual celebration of poetry in the United States that was established by the Academy of American Poets in 1996. The goal of this month-long celebration is to raise awareness of the importance and power of poetry, as well as to encourage people to read and write more poetry. 

Also during April, we recognize National Library Week from April 23rd to 29th. This year’s theme is "There's More to the Story," which seems to be a perfect focus for bringing opportunities to our students to share their learning! We can use this as a prompt to encourage creative writing! Gathering at libraries and exploring resources in online libraries are important opportunities for students to build a variety of skills needed now and in the future.

In this post, we will look at some ideas for celebrating these events and boosting a love of learning and literacy in our schools by using PebbleGo and Buncee!  Capstone has so many wonderful resources available that will help students to explore in authentic and meaningful ways.


Learn about libraries!

Librarians and resources

A wonderful resource available through PebbleGo focuses on librarians. There are readings and even a video for students to learn more about the work done by librarians and the importance of libraries in our schools and communities. 


PG Article Screenshot LibrariansPG Article Screenshot Librarians


It is also important to make use of library resources in PebbleGo, which offers many different topics that can be used in our classrooms. One idea is to have students choose from the resources to search biographies and write an essay, a play or a poem. There are also lesson plans and activities available that could be used as a starting point to encourage students to explore library resources and then create! 

Once students have time to explore and learn, they need opportunities to create and share their learning with classmates and possibly even beyond their school community. When they share each other’s work, it helps to boost curiosity for learning and also benefits SEL skills! Regardless of grade level or content area taught, there are many ways to celebrate poetry and develop a love of reading in the classroom. After reading a book, students could then write a poem to share with classmates and families. Promoting student choice is a great way to boost student interest in learning.


Diving into poetry!

Poetry is a unique way to have students express their own ideas and it is beneficial for promoting literacy, boosting creativity, and building critical thinking skills in the classroom. Students can then write a poem about the person they chose and also be introduced to different poets and styles of poetry.

Teachers can use this month as an opportunity to introduce students to poetry, either by reading poems to students, or by having their students write their own poems. With PebbleGo, there are ebooks available that help students learn about poetry and the styles of writing used in poems. 


Ebooks screenshotEbooks screenshot


Other opportunities to celebrate poetry include hosting a poetry reading or inviting local poets to speak to their students. Any teacher can incorporate poetry into their lesson plans, it just takes a bit of creativity and a few ideas to start. Depending on the content, finding a poem for students to read and analyze and then asking them to create a similar poem or to interpret the poem in their own way, would be a fun experience for all.


PebbleGo Create Screenshot PoetryPebbleGo Create Screenshot Poetry


Three ideas for celebrating Poetry Month

Poetry Writing

Encourage your students to write their own poems. Offer different types of prompts, such as choosing a topic or a book and then "Write a poem about a favorite place," "Write a poem that rhymes," or "Write a poem about a personal experience." PebbleGo and Capstone resources are a great source of inspiration. For example, students could read about different animals in PebbleGo Animals and then write a poem about their favorite animal. 


Poetry writing stations

Provide different poetry templates, such as acrostic poems, haikus, or free verse. Provide time for students to brainstorm, write, and revise their poems and use PebbleGo Create to design a poetry show! Be sure to set aside time for students to share their work and have a poetry reading in the classroom.


Poetry Analysis

Help your students develop their critical thinking skills by analyzing and interpreting poems. Consider selecting a poem and leading a class discussion about its meaning, themes, and literary devices. Have students use Buncee to create their own poem to capture their impressions of what they have learned! 


Three ideas to boost a love of reading and learning in our libraries

Author Study 

In recognition of Library Month, teachers can organize an author study where students can explore the works of a particular author. Students can delve deeper into the works of a writer, learn about their writing style, and gain a better understanding of their literary contributions. Students can then create using PebbleGo or Buncee to share what they learned.


Create a Book Trailer

Using resources like PebbleGo Create, students can create book trailers that showcase their favorite books. Book trailers are short videos that introduce a book and generate excitement about it. This activity encourages students to think creatively and promotes their literacy skills. It can be adapted to all grade levels.


Book Club

Encourage students to read by organizing a book club during Library Month. Students can select books from the school library or from a recommended reading list via Capstone books. Students can then meet in small groups or work with a partner to discuss the books and share their thoughts. Through a book club, we promote critical thinking and encourage students to engage with literature in an authentic and meaningful way. 


By incorporating Pebble Go and Capstone resources, you can enhance the Poetry Month experience and help your students discover the joy of poetry and a love of learning!