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Amanda Gorman Kicks Off Day 1 Of Read Across America!

March 1, 2021

As we get ready to kick off Read Across America Week, we are getting ready to celebrate our Reading Is For Everyone Event at Van Meter.  

Reading is for Everyone eBooks

In fact, a lot of you are going to be joining in on this fun.  You can find all of the details here, friends. 

Day 1 Featured Writer on PebbleGo

To go along with each day, I am putting together a choice board featuring each days...

Reading Across America eBook Titles

 eBook board....

PebbleGo Women Articles

...and all of the writers featured in PebbleGo Biographies.  

The students will be able to click on the image of the PebbleGo Writers to read about any of them and we will also have a daily Featured PebbleGo Writer each day. 

Amanda Gorman on PebbleGo

On Monday, we are kicking off Read Across America with our featured PebbleGo Writer for Day 1, the amazing Amanda Gorman.  

Amanda Gorman PebbleGo Article

In fact, she is the most recently added PebbleGo Biographies and we couldn't be more excited to learn more about Amanda. 

In her article, students can read about her Early Years, Becoming a Poet, Contributions and more. 

Amanda Gorman PebbleGo Video

And my favorite tab, The Hill We Climb where readers can learn more about the beautiful poem she wrote and read for President Biden's Inauguration. 

There is also a video, 

Amanda Gorman PebbleGo Timeline


Amanda Gorman PebbleGo Share What You Know

...and Share What You Know sheet for teachers, librarians and families to use as a place for students to draw and write what they have learned about Amanda Gorman. 

Amanda Gorman PebbleGo Article Copy Link

If you already have PebbleGo, you will be able to grab the link, as shown in the image above, and add it to the...

Day 1 Featured Writer on PebbleGo

...Let's Celebrate Day 1 (Amanda Gorman) choice board here

Women's History Month on PebbleGo Quiz

And guess what?  

For Women's History Month, our friends at Capstone have made all of the biographies for women in PebbleGo FREE for EVERYONE to use through March 31, 2021.  You can sign up here

Amanda Gorman PebbleGo Search

And then everyone will have access to all PebbleGo Biographies about women, including Amanda Gorman.  You can find the link after you get the login information for this special offer.  

I will be sharing a new Featured PebbleGo Writer each day this week....all women too.  :) 

I also added it to the two new Reading Is For Everyone choice boards. 

Read Across America Choice Boards

Here is the one with dress up days and Amanda Gorman and here is the one without dress up days and Amanda Gorman.  

Just remember, you will have to add the link to the Amanda Gorman article with the directions above.