5 PebbleGo Summer Projects
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Shannon McClintock Miller

5 PebbleGo Summer Projects For Your Students and Families

April 25, 2019

When my son, Hagan, was younger, one resource that he went to throughout the summer was PebbleGo. In fact, he went there all year long!

He would open it up on our computer in the kitchen, on his iPad, or ask me if he could use my laptop to look at all of the things he loved and was curious about in PebbleGo. And he wasn't the only student from our community that visited PebbleGo during the summer. In fact, it was one of the top places to go for all of our readers as they learned more about topics they were passionate about and discovered an excitement for new topics too.

As we get ready for summer break, PebbleGo should be at the top of your list to share with students and families as we encourage learning and reading all summer long. It is something they have online at home, on-the-go and as they travel. As you know, the learning and reading never stop with PebbleGo!

Today, I want to share 5 exciting and engaging ways PebbleGo can be used as a pathway for learning and reading this summer with students, families and throughout your community too.


1. Create a Let's Learn & Read With PebbleGo Summer Calendar to share with your students and families.

Each week, pick a new topic to encourage exploration and learning. You can add prompts like, It is Gardening Week! Time to learn about plants in PebbleGo Science. Research plants in PebbleGo Science and find a few new things to share with your family and friends. Draw a picture, write a story or use a digital tool or app like Buncee to share what you learned.

The PebbleGo calendar can be handed out and added electronically to your library and school webpage or blog. Also, don't forget to share things like this on your library Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and other places your community might be throughout the summer. It is important to stay in touch.


2. Host a PebbleGo Summer Passion Project Program in your library or school.

Students love researching topics they are passionate about. Summer is the perfect time for you to help them embrace their passions by providing the opportunity and resources to do so. By hosting a PebbleGo Summer Passion Project Program, you will not only give them this opportunity but they will also feel supported with a bit of guidance and encouragement along the way.

With the PebbleGo Summer Passion Project Program, students will research any topic they are passionate about within the PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next databases. They can focus on more than one topic if they wish. The Share What You Know Activity Sheets will be helpful as they write and draw what they are learning as they do their research.

Students will then create a project to share with their friends and teachers. The projects can be created in a variety of ways… art materials including paint, clay, paper mache, etc; digital tools and apps such as Buncee, StoryboardThat, Adobe Spark, ABCya Animate, Toontastic, and others; a play; scavenger hunt; interviews and news show; or any unique idea they may have to show off what they have learned about their passion.

This can be run as a summer program in collaboration with the public library. It can kick off at the beginning of the summer with a PebbleGo Party. At the end of the summer, students will be invited to the public library to share their PebbleGo Passion Projects with friends, family, and others in the community.

It can also be a school project! Have a kickoff at the end of the year and share the projects in a celebration when everyone returns in the fall.


3. Where Will You Go? With PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next!

The summer is a nice time to visit different places within the community, country and throughout the world. PebbleGo and PebbleGo next can be the perfect research tool to build background knowledge and learn about all the places they will go with family and friends.

Younger students can use PebbleGo Social Studies to research different jobs in the community. While they are reading and learning all about the different jobs such as farmers, firefighters and doctors, families can set up visits to these various places. You can also work with the public library to make this part of the summer reading program. It would be lots of fun and very meaningful to have these trips be special events for the entire community.

The Share What You Know Activity Sheets will be a great addition as they visit the different places in their community, too. They can use them to ask questions, record information and draw pictures of what they are learning.

Older elementary students (and younger students too) can use the PebbleGo Next States module to learn all about states they are visiting or want to visit. Within each state article, students can research Geography and Weather, History and Government, Industry, People and more. There is even a recipe from that state at the bottom of each article.

When we travel, we love reading all about the places we will be going and comparing to places we have been or still want to go. It is a terrific way to strike up a conversation between family members and really makes going places very meaningful.


4. Look What I Am Learning In PebbleGo Flipgrid

I have created a very special Flipgrid for all of us to use this summer. Flipgrid is a website and app that allows teachers to ask a question that students respond to by posting a video on a tiled grid with other video responses.

In one Flipgrid, I posed the question, Look What I Am Learning In PebbleGo to give students a place to share what they are learning in PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next with others around the world.

You can print off the small business card by going to this link. You will find the Look What I Am Learning In PebbleGo Flipgrid here.

Share both of these with your students and teachers. You can even get family members involved. And remember...learning can happen anywhere so encourage them to be creative about where they record and share on the Flipgrid.


5. Pair Up PebbleGo With Capstone Interactive This Summer!

Capstone Interactive gives every student interactive eBooks that are interesting and engaging for all levels and interests. All of the eBooks can also be downloaded to read offline with the Capstone Interactive App.

Capstone Interactive eBooks are awesome to pair with PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next. With thousands of eBooks covering a variety of topics and interests, readers will find just what they are looking for this summer.


And just remember, the biggest thing to emphasize in your community is that the learning never stops with PebbleGo! Students can access it at home and on-the-go all summer long!

Have a wonderful summer, friends. I can't wait to connect again in the fall as I share creative and meaningful ways to kick off another amazing year with PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next in your library, classroom, and community too!