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5 More Creative Ways to Use PebbleGo in Your School

August 26, 2019

In my previous post, I gave you my first 5 tips for creative and meaningful ways to bring the wonderful resources of PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next to your library or classroom this year. Here are tips 6-10:

6. You could use PebbleGo to develop a PebbleGo Question of the Day or Week too!

It could be as simple as sharing one question during morning announcements over the intercom or on paper. Students could have the first 5 minutes to research it individually or as a class.

Or you could even make a PebbleGo Question of the Week Poster and place these around the school, library and even on the school buses. You can add a QR code that takes them directly to PebbleGo or PebbleGo Next when scanned making it very easy to do their research on the go...even in between classes or before school.

This would be a fun activity for those weather days with early dismissal or late start.

And did you know, there is also a PebbleGo Question of the Day online too?

These can be found at the bottom of the main pages for each module and answered as many times as they want to throughout the day. The poll results are updated hourly. 

7. It is important to show the connection between the books and resources you have in the library and those online. One way to do this is by creating signage to show this connection. 

I love using Buncee for this! With Buncee, I am able to not only create beautiful and fun signage for the library but I can also tie PebbleGo and other digital resources to these signs that can do on the shelves and throughout the library.

In the Buncee above, I took a genre sign that my friend Elaine created for her library and added a QR code that when scanned will go right to PebbleGo. They can then search PebbleGo Animals or PebbleGo Animales in Spanish too.

The Buncee sign made an amazing sign when printed out and placed in a plastic poster holder on the library shelves.  It not only tells the students they will find animal books in the library, but they will also be able to research animals online with PebbleGo.

We have to do everything we can to advertise our online resources too!

You can read more about using Buncee to create signage for your library here.

8. It is important to have fun while learning and there are several ways you can gamify learning with PebbleGo.

This is a fantastic way to hook students when they are learning about PebbleGo and in making it fresh and exciting for everyone.

You can use these games with an entire class using a projector or smartboard. They can even get in teams, keep score and let them show off how much they know about the topics within PebbleGo. They can also be played individually at school or home.

There is also an awesome new game called Buncee Doodle.

I took this game idea from Buncee and tied in PebbleGo to make it a research based drawing game using these two online resources.

For example, this one is a Buncee Doodle for People in Our Community. They draw a card that says Dentist. Then they use Buncee to draw a Dentist while classmates guess what they are drawing.

You could create a Buncee Doodle game around any of the dozens and dozens of topics in PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next.  Please read more about Buncee Doodle and how to create your very own here.

9. PebbleGo is wonderful for igniting curiosity and passion for learning and research.

Capstone has developed several Reproducibles that help us with this too! They can be found in the Lesson Plans & Activites again.

Do you remember how fun the little fortune tells we made in school were?

Well, what if you gave a fortune teller to each student and had them create their own guiding questions for something they want to learn about by using the fortune teller? They would love this activity and it would be so meaningful and fun for them to share with classmates, teachers and family members too. 

There are four different ones that tie to PebbleGo and Capstone has created a downloadable blank fortune teller that students can use to create their own too. 

Read this article for more ways to incorporate PebbleGo fortune tellers into the library and classroom!

10. And last but not least, I wanted to leave you with a very important place to go for ideas on how to integrate and use PebbleGo with students.

On this Padlet, you will find lots and lots of ideas from teacher librarians and teachers around the world. Please feel free to share your ideas on our Padlet too.  You can share pictures, descriptions, links and even a video if you want.

It is always to hear and see what the students are creating too so please share examples.

You will find it here.

I know that you are as excited as I am to make PebbleGo an important part of your library and classroom. It is that place teachers, students, librarians and families come together as we celebrate collaboration, learning and connecting to wonderful experiences and outcomes.

I hope these ideas help you do that too!